Alpha Nocurne's Contracted Mate

Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate Chapter 249

Alpha Nocturne’s Contracted Mate by A E Randell

Chapter 249 Fate was Indeed a Cruel Mistress

TW: Non-con S/A, death.

A sound from somewhere in the darkness of her bedroom woke Aoife with a start. Her heart raced as she lay frozen in her bed, wondering if she had simply dreamed the noise, or if there truly was someone in the room with her.

She had always been a light sleeper and it had never bothered her before, being used to Felix’s gentle snoring waking her occasionally, but this? This was different.

The faintest sound of some sort of material moving against itself pricked at her ears as she turned her head towards the sound. As soon as she did so a dark chuckle seemed to cut through the darkness a little too close to her head for her liking.

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She opened her mouth to cry out, but a hand clamped down over it before she could even take a breath.

“Hello Ann…” the voice murmured chillingly as Aoife froze.

Whoever this was clearly had the wrong room if they were under the impression that she was Ann.

“I must say, I’m surprised to see you recovered this well so soon. I felt sure that the amount of poison we slipped you was more than enough to kill you,” The male voice paused as the person sighed dramatically, “Ah well, it can’t be helped. I guess it’s a lesson learned.”

She felt the hot tickle of his breath against her cheek as his face drew level with her own.

“It’s nothing personal, you understand,” the voice continued undaunted, “If I had my way, I’d make sure you were kept alive somewhere that I could have my fun with you… wouldn’t that be fun?”

Aoife flinched as a hand landed unexpectedly on her chest and moved as it pleased, squeezing painfully as she cried out against his hand, the sound muffled into nothing but a mumble.

She clawed at his hands as she tried desperately to free herself from his grip, but she wasn’t built like the others, she was just a magick user, with proficiency in healing and protective charms, nothing that would help her now.

The harder she struggled, the more the man seemed to enjoy it. His chuckle became darker as her panic rose, her eyes wide with fear as Aoife realized that she probably wasn’t going to get out of this alive.

Even though she wasn’t his intended target, she wasn’t stupid. If he knew he had gotten the wrong mark, he would still kill her anyway, just to secure her silence.

Aoife lowered her arms as an eerie feeling of calm acceptance seemed to settle over her. Was this the part of the prophecy that her mother had always seemed emotional about when it was spoken aloud?

“A friendship that will be remembered and honored through the ages…”

Was she truly destined to die in order for Ann to live?

She scoffed silently as her heart shattered.

Fate was indeed a cruel mistress.

The only solace that she would take from this was that when Felix found out who had done this to her, he would ensure that their death was as slow and painful as possible when he exacted his vengeance.

“There’s a good girl.” The man crooned almost lovingly in her ear as he ran his hands under her pyjama top and allowed them to roam where they pleased.

“No one can run from their fate Ann…least of all you. When I send your mate to join you, as well as his pathetic Beta, I’ll take great satisfaction in the knowledge that you’ll be watching him crumble once the realization sets in that the man he couldn’t t*ouch all those years ago became his downfall.”

Aoife screwed her eyes shut as his hand slipped further downwards into areas that only Felix had ever been allowed access to.

“I can’t wait to see Allen’s face when I pluck his mate’s eyes from her skull and feed them to him, the f*****g half-blooded b*itch.” He hissed furiously as he forced his f*ingers inside of her, causing a muffled sob to spill from behind his hand that remained tightly clamped over her mouth.

Watching others suffer gave him such an exquisite feeling inside him that it was almost euphoric and he drank the sight of her struggling form in, burning it into his memory to recall at his convenience.

“You won’t know who I am, Ann, but when Adam joins you in the afterlife, make sure you tell him how Jasper violated you before he cut your throat.”

Aoife could hear the grin in his voice as the tendrils of fear began to break through the facade of calm acceptance she had managed to maintain up until this point.

She endured his groping until he grew bored and with a loud sigh, removed his hand from inside of her, wiping it off on the sheets that barely covered her anymore.

“Well, it was fun while it lasted I suppose, but I’m bored now.” He stated bitterly as the faint outline of his hand reached for something at his waist.

In one swift movement, he drew the razor-sharp blade across her neck, the fountain of blood that erupted mimicking a terrifying geyser that cascaded down her chest.

Jasper held his hand over her mouth as he waited for the gurgling breaths to stop.

This time, he hadn’t left any room for mistakes. He had been careful to slice cleanly through each artery, knowing full well that the damage would be too great for her wolf to heal effectively, regardless of how powerful she was.

He breathed the metallic aroma of her blood in deeply and grinned wildly to himself as he removed his hand from her mouth, allowing his f*ingers to trace down her neckline and through the blood, taking one last memory for himself before he left.

If he had more time he would have liked to f**k her still-warm corpse, but he had other places to be. Sadly, that was one thing he would not be able to keep for himself.

He tossed the blade lazily at her side with a bitter sigh. Even with this gift, they would never find him. They were pathetic excuses for primal hunters. By their very nature, they were designed to be killing machines but they had been allowed to grow soft and complacent.

But Lord Eromaug would change that, he had promised. As long as Jasper was willing to continue to indulge his lust for murder at Lord Eromaug’s behest, then he remained untouchable.

Jasper snorted to himself as he opened her bedroom door lazily, taking one last lingering look at her blood-soaked body.

“I’m practically a god.” He murmured to himself happily as he shut the door behind him.

In the silence of the room, Aoife’s phone vibrated and the screen lit up with a message.

“I know, love. I’ll be back with you soon, an hour at most. The moment I have you back in my arms will be the moment that I’m at peace again. I love you Aoife, eternally.”

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