Edgar and His Destined Wife

Chapter 498

Edgar fixed his gaze on Jean for quite some time before uttering slowly, "I respect others’ decisions, but I won't change my principles."

His decision to help Jean progress on this case was unrelated to his reluctance to exterminate Edbert.

There was a clear distinction between the two matters.

Jean dug her nails into her palm and mumbled in a low voice, "You asked the police to pause the investigation because you didn't want Sam to rat out Edbert."

Edgar pressed his temples and did not answer.

Jean's eyes flickered as she looked toward the direction in which Gigi went.

"If it wasn't because of my insistence, Sam might not die."

She hated those who caused the Eyer family and Edgar in their current situation, so she was determined to settle the matter, but little did she think that...

Jean pressed her lips as her eyes turned cold.

"Gigi might not testify in the court anymore"’ She turned and walked away from the cold corridor. Edgar caught up with her.

"It's not your fault."

Jean muttered, "I know, but I can't accept how things turn out currently."

The rage and unreleasable emotions accumulated and augmented in her.

Just then, George, Edbert's assistant, ran in and said, "Mr.Edgar, Mr.Edbert is in a critical state.

Can you head to Southern Hospital immediately? His family's consent is required urgently to proceed with the operation"

Edgar was startled.

What are the odds? Jean's expression turned more ghastly, but she knew what was appropriate to do.

"Go ahead.I shall leave first."

With that, she walked down the stairs, got into the car, and closed the door.

Even the driver was dumbfounded.

"Ms.Eyer, where's Mr.Royden?"

"He needs to head to the hospital to settle some affairs.Let's go first."

It was Edgar's family affair.He had given Jean enough respect, and it was now her turn to return the favor.

Edgar walked down the stairs and watched the car as it drove out the gate and disappeared at the end of the street.

"We should hurry up, Mr.Edgar."

George urged anxiously.

Edgar opened the car door and asked, "What happened to Uncle Edbert?"

"He had a brain hemorrhage" George answered smoothly.

George sped all the way to the hospital and disregarded the traffic lights.

Edgar's eyes darkened when he perceived George's desperate behavior.

When they arrived outside the operating room, the operation had already started.

Outside the room sat a thin figure.

When she heard the sound of footsteps, she lifted her head and mumbled with watery eyes, "Edgar?"

Xena stood up instantly and threw herself into Edgar's arms.

"I didn't expect this to happen!"

Edgar furrowed his brows.He knew Edbert once got married overseas, but he never knew he had a daughter.

Hence, he was shocked after becoming aware of the news that day.

Little did he expect that the 'Ms.Sparks’ mentioned by the reporters was Xena.

Xena sobbed.

"My foster parents kept the coin that I wore when they adopted me.

My biological parents engraved a sign on the coin when they sent me to the children's home."

Xena took out a golden coin with the word 'Royden' carved on it.

Standing aside, George comforted her, "Take it easy."

Xena nodded while weeping.


She wanted to feign a pitiful look in front of Edgar, but before she could continue, Edgar brushed her aside and headed straight to the director's office.

Xena's tears ceased when she saw Edgar disappear from her sight.She looked at George and asked, "Did I overact?"

Her expression changed so fast that even George had yet to regain his composure.

"I don't think Mr.Edgar suspected anything"

Xena was relieved.

"That's great.I heard that Sam Reece passed away?"

George found it unbelievable when he saw her expression remaining bright at the mention of Sam's death.

Xena sat down and adjusted her emotions.She was a daughter who had just reunited with her father, yet the father was now on the verge of death.She couldn't make Edgar become suspicious of her.

Otherwise, the plan would be ruined.

Just as Edbert said, Edgar's biggest weak point was Jean, while his second biggest weak point was his family because he lost his parents and everything at a very young age.

He yearned to be understood and cared for as long as he lived, which was the reason he would date Gigi back then, just because of a jade pendant.He hoped for someone that would allow him to take a break.

Now that so many things had happened between Jean and him, he might be exhausted by their complicated relationship.

So, Xena appeared at the right time.

Remembering Edbert's exhortation before he entered the operating room, Xena forced tears out of her eyes.

"Mr.Edgar is not around now.Please don't cry."

George felt sorry for her, too, seeing her weep.

However, Xena didn't lift her head.

"If I cry until my eyes turn blind, Edgar would surely have sympathy for me’ George was tongue-tied.He never thought that this young lady would be so ruthless — she was merciless even toward herself in order to succeed.Although she was not Edbert's biological daughter, her guile could hold a candle to Edbert's.

"But I don't understand — why did he ask me to tell Edgar that he's my biological father? With this, I won't be able to be together with Edgar."

In fact, Xena wasn't keen to cooperate with the plan initially because she was hoping to become Edgar's partner someday.George glanced at the end of the corridor and said in a low voice, "I'm not sure either.This is Mr.Edbert's arrangement."

Xena pouted and sighed.

"Although I'm not as good- looking as Jean, I'm younger than her, and I have a good body shape too.Do you think Edgar will fall for me?"

She turned to ask George.

Her eyes were watery, but she was wearing a smile.

George was startled for a moment before regaining his senses and mumbled as he turned away, "It depends on your performance"

Xena continued babbling on while some subtle feelings developed in George.

On the other hand, Edgar understood Edbert's situation after talking to the director.

He also probed the director to ensure that Edbert indeed suffered a brain hemorrhage.

Not only that, the director even brought Edgar to observe the brain surgery.

If this was a plot, Edbert would be putting his own life at stake.

"Mr.Royden, we only focus on saving the patient and will definitely not accept any bribes.Please be assured."

The director said in a serious manner.

Edgar stared at the glass window with his gaze fixed on the bed.

"Dr.Bailey, please save his life.No matter how hard it is, I want him to survive.I'll take care of the fees"

When he walked out of the operating room, he turned to cast a glance at the room with a cold frown.

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