I'm A Quadrillionaire

Chapter 1796

Of course, if he could avoid being discovered, then it would be best.

If Koen learned of his strength, he would definitely ask the family for help.

When the time came, the Lightfoot family might send their True Saint over.

“Thank you, Miss Fellowes, for coming to inform me. I got it, so don’t worry, Miss Fellowes, I will be ready,” David nodded and said.

“Actually, Master David, you don’t need to be too concerned. The family has wiped out all traces of you, and the grandmaster and Grandpa Val are trying their best to deal with the Lightfoot family. Even if the Lightfoot family dispatches their Saint and half of the family force, it won’t be that easy to locate you. By the time that happens, you might have already completed your task,” Alba added.

The reason she ran to tell David this was to make David mentally prepared not to go out for the time being.

If the Lightfoot family found David, they would surely send their True Saint.

At that time, unless David asked his master to come out to help, or else it would be impossible to deal with the Lightfoot family.

If David’s master came out early, wouldn’t it mean that he had failed his mission?

If David failed the test, would he help the Fellowes family?

Alba was worried about this too.

Secondly, she wanted to let David know that the Fellowes family was doing everything they could to help him so it would increase David’s affection toward the Fellowes family.

Then, when it was his turn to help the Fellowes family in the future, he would spare no effort.

“I was wondering why the Lightfoot family hasn’t approached me now since they are such a big family and also natives of the Central Sacred Continent. It turns out that Roald is helping me in the dark. When this matter is over, I will definitely express my gratitude to him,” David suddenly said.

“Master David, you are welcome! These are the things that we should do. If there is nothing else, I will go to work first. Master David, try not to go out during this time. The people from the Lightfoot family have already appeared in this large trade zone.”

“Miss Fellowes, don’t worry! I won’t go out, and please tell Roald that I will remember everything that the Fellowes family has done. I, David Lidell, am not an ungrateful person. You will see this firsthand in the future,” David said seriously.

This was the response Alba wanted.

After getting a positive answer from David, she turned and left after bidding her farewell, continuing to do her work.

The headquarters of East League Trading Company was already under renovation.

Moreover, they were also purchasing branches.

However, they were not moving fast enough.

After all, they needed to send someone over to investigate the actual site.

They needed the most prosperous location, so they could not just buy the property blindly.

Otherwise, it would not achieve the desired effect even if they spent the money.

David required East League Trading Company to have at least one headquarters and three hundred branches that could operate normally. Then, his task would be considered completed.

He already had the headquarters. He had also bought about 100 branches, so now he needed 200 more.

Many of them were commercial firms that could not continue to operate, and the locations were not bad either, which meant they could save time on renovations.

Alba also wanted to complete the task as soon as possible.

Over the next few days, West End continued to be tense.

After so many days of investigation, the Lightfoot family found some people who had been sitting very close to David at the auction site and found out what David looked like from them.

Then, they found a painter to draw his image and issued arrest warrants in every large trade zone.

Although the portrait did not look 100% like David and it was only about 90% similar, it was more than enough.

Anyone who saw David would be rewarded with 100 million Star Dollars and a favor from the Lightfoot family if they reported David to the latter.

With such a great reward on offer, it immediately attracted countless people to participate.

It could be said that the entire West End, and even the entire Central Sacred Continent, were filled with spies for the Lightfoot family.

Fortunately, David had not gone out since he got here!

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