Loving You In Secret

Chapter 590

Vicky knew Tyler was a man of his word.

Gloria’s concert was about to start, and Vicky knew that she would be punished if she affected Tyler’s mood.

She took a deep breath and turned to leave.

Soon, Gloria went on stage and bowed to the audience before glancing at a certain spot.

When she found the familiar, handsome face she was looking for, she smiled and walked over to the piano.

Vicky had heard Gloria play before, but as amazing as she was, Vicky was not in the mood to admire the music.

The concert did not last long and ended in an hour and a half.

As the audience left, Tyler did not leave and went backstage instead.

Vicky followed him but was stopped.

“Miss, I’m sorry, but you can’t go backstage.”

Vicky pointed at Tyler and asked, “Why can he go in, then?”

The staff glanced over and smiled. “Mister Hart, you mean? He’s Miss Shaw’s boyfriend, so of course, he can come in and out freely. He must adore her. He’s here to watch every single one of her shows…”

An hour later, Vicky-who was about to drift off to sleep in the taxi—finally spotted Tyler and Gloria. She sobered and said to the taxi driver, “Follow that car.”

The taxi driver started the car and followed Tyler’s car, which stopped in front of a restaurant after a while.

Tyler and Gloria stepped inside.

Noticing the bouquet of crabapples, Vicky’s chest tightened and she stepped into the restaurant as well.

She scanned the restaurant and saw Tyler and Gloria sitting the gentle light.

Vicky knew that disturbing someone while they dine was extremely rude, so she simply took a seat at a table near them.

The waiter came over with a smile. “May I take your order, Madam?”

Vicky ordered something randomly and kept her eyes on Gloria and Tyler.

Perhaps her stare was far too piercing, but Gloria soon noticed her and scowled.

Tyler had his back facing Vicky and did not see Vicky. When he noticed the odd look on Gloria’s face, he asked, “What’s wrong?”

After a few moments of silence, Gloria whispered, “Vicky is here.”

He hummed in response as though he had expected it.

Gloria studied his expression and asked, “Should we call her here?”

“No,” he said calmly.

Gloria hesitated but did not say anything else in the end.

Just then, Tyler’s phone rang, and he glanced at it before saying to Gloria, “I need to take this.”

She nodded. “Sure.”

Tyler stood and walked out of the restaurant.

When Vicky saw him stepping outside, she went to follow him as well but was stopped by a slim figure.

On her birthday, Vicky Shaw's beloved husband, Tyler Hart, was found to be having a candle light dinner with his childhood sweetheart. The birthday present he gave her was a text message requesting a divorce. During their three years of marriage, she did everything she could to keep him with her, throwing all the beds in the other rooms when he was not in the house so he had nowhere else to sleep other than with her. After a fateful car crash, however, she had amnesia and was no longer the woman who loved him deeply. When Tyler finally visited her in the hospital, the first thing he asked was to get her to agree to the divorce. The new Vicky agreed immediately. Everyone knew how much the old Vicky loved Tyler. Only Tyler knew he had loved her dearly.


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