Mr. Kane Got Blacklisted

Chapter 451

After they settled Coco down in the ward, Keegan suddenly said to Aldor, ’ Book the flight for the day after tomorrow.”

Aldor was surprised, "Mr. Kane, she has to be monitored for at least the first three days.”

“I'll go back on my own. You stay here. You leave after you arrange everything here when Coco is out of critical condition.’ He had not been sleeping well for the past two nights. He was constantly thinking about things in Rivera. He felt a little uneasy. He wanted to go back sooner.

In Rivera, Felicity ran up and down to get the paperwork done when she heard the doctor say Stella had to get a full body checkup. Marshall was there to help her. The body checkup was completed very quickly. Other than the complete blood count, all tests had been completed.

Stella still had not woken up after being placed in the general ward. But she looked better than before. It was late at night when everything was settled.

Stella was a married woman. It was inappropriate for Marshall to stay there. Felicity said, "Mr. Moore, why not you go home now? I'll stay here with Stella.”

Marshall did not try to stay too. Instead, he told her to call him immediately if something happened to Stella. Felicity stayed up late to stay beside Stella. She only dozed off after three o'clock in the morning.

The next morning, a nurse came to draw Stella's blood for the checkup. She only woke up after nine o'clock in the morning. She turned her head. Felicity's jacket was on the visitor's recliner chair. ‘She probably went to get washed up or buy breakfast.’

Stella sat up. She stayed in bed for a while before she got up and went to the washroom.

When she left the room, the nurse came to her ward to tell her that her checkup report was out. There were some problems. The nurse asked her to go and see the doctor.

So, Stella went to find the doctor.

The doctor was a woman around fifty years old. She was very friendly. She flipped through the report in her hand as she asked Stella, "Are you married?”

Stella nodded.

"Do you have kids?’

Stella shook her head.

The doctor frowned. She said after a while, "Was your stomach hit by something before this? And was your uterus hurt?"

Stella said, "I had a car accident a few years ago. The doctor at that time said my uterine appendages were slightly damaged.

He didn't give me any medicine for that. He just asked me to rest and have it checked regularly. It was back to normal when I went to the hospital to examine it the next year."

"Do you take any long-term courses of medication?"

Stella shook her head, "No. My health is great. I rarely get sick."

Stella noticed the doctor looked serious. She lowered her voice, “Doctor, what's wrong with me?’

The doctor raised her head. It seemed like her eyes were filled with compassion. She said after pondering, "I suspect you might have the signs of premature ovarian failure.”

Stella's expression changed, "Premature ovarian failure... What'll happen?"

‘Premature ovarian failure has many symptoms. Endocrine disorders, menstrual disorders, and the most serious symptom is infertility.”

Stella looked pale. She could not accept the doctor's explanation, "I have a regular sleeping routine. And I exercise often. I also have periodic medical examinations. So why would I have a premature ovarian failure? Are you guys mistaken?"

‘The data can't be wrong.” The doctor said, "Or when your period is over, come to the hospital for a hormone test and an ultrasound. But the results shouldn't have much different.”

Stella felt extremely hopeless.

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