No Chance of Remarriage: Get Lost

Chapter 838

He pretended not to have seen Gareth's gaze and quickly looked away.

On the other hand, Elisa could have gotten someone else to change the bandage for her if they didn't arrive at her place. Since they were already there, she didn't bother contacting someone else, so they didn't have to meet each other.

After waiting for a while, the doctor arrived.

To Elisa's surprise, it was the same doctor from the day before.

Which means Gareth asked her here.

She looked at him subconsciously.

"It's better for the same person to handle your injury," he said calmly.

Rachel looked at him, perplexed. Why is this man so thoughtful? Has he genuinely fallen for Elisa? He seemed to be panicked when he didn't see Elisa this morning. He even knocked on the door so violently. Apart from that, it was so ungentlemanly of him to snatch her phone away, as though he acted upon it instinctively out of worry.

It was not the first time Rachel had interacted with Gareth since Elisa used to be his wife. Apart from that, she had also seen him on public occasions.

Vincent seemed to be genuinely exasperated with Gareth as well.

One would only overreact out of worry and care. Has he… fallen for her? Or did he put on a show because I'm here? So I can convince Elisa to change her mind?

With that thought in mind, she felt conflicted, unsure if she should tell Elisa about it.

Elisa pursed her lips quietly. Since Gareth has already decided, I'll just let him be. He might disagree with my objections, which will create more trouble.

To Elisa, it didn't matter.

When the doctor disinfected her wound, Gareth shot a stern look at Vincent.

Though he didn't say a word, Vincent immediately understood him and twitched his lips speechlessly. I'm only a foot away from Elisa. Do I need to stay away? He really has a strong sense of possession.

"Bathroom break," he muttered and got up.

I can smoke a cigarette in there to calm down. Even though Gareth and Elisa are at odds, I feel like a third-wheeler.

Rachel got up and walked to Elisa to help her unbutton the back of her shirt.

Gareth also got up and walked to her. The doctor deftly cleaned the wound without speaking. It was quite a deep wound, so it would take some time.

When the bandages were slowly removed, Rachel felt sorry for her – it hurt a lot when the bandage had to part with the flesh.

Even though the bandages were already damp, the pain was still unbearable.

On top of that, women had more sensory nerves, making it even more painful.

Surprisingly, Elisa didn't even frown.

"Elisa, you don't have to hold it in. Feel free to yell if it hurts. I can also find something for you to bite on."

Elisa was amused to hear that. "It's not that painful, actually."

Gareth frowned when he heard that. He felt Elisa's strength and mental fortitude — she didn't even groan when she was injured and continued the fight.

Over the past few days, she could take care of herself without needing help.

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