Remarriage? Never And Go Away!

Chapter 1430

They Had Different Plans

Should she watch Gloria go back, be welcomed by the people, and then ascend the throne?

No, she couldn’t accept that.

Ilsa tried to calm herself down, “Heather, don’t forget that you are not the real prince, either. Do you know what will happen to you if you insist on protecting Gloria? You think love can conquer everything? It hasn’t been long since you knew Gloria, has it? For that ridiculous reason, you are going to give up what you have been fighting for for years. Don’t you think it’s ridiculous?” Ilsa knew what Heather cared about and how he felt about Gloria, so every word she said stung Heather with precision.

Heather glanced at her with murderous eyes.

Ilsa smiled, “It won’t do you any good if you kill me now. Even if our country won’t avenge me, you are in our territory. You kill someone in other people’s territory and affect their business. Do you think the mysterious person behind the whole thing will let you go?”

“What’s more, do you really think I’m not prepared for this at all?” flsa looked more and more indifferent, and the coldness in her eyes was more obvious

Heather just attacked her, and she wouldn’t pretend that nothing had happened.

Heather immediately narrowed his eyes with a menacing look, “Then what?”

“You think you can get away after killing me, but you really think I get everything I have by compromising and being forbearing?” Ilsa smiled coldly.

Heather didn’t speak, but just looked at her quietly.

The next second, Ilsa continued, “I had been guarding against you since I worked with you. I won’t let you get what I can’t get. If I die, you can’t get away with it!”

Heather suddenly realized why there was an old saying that one should never provoke a woman.

He didn’t know what crazy things Ilsa would do. Before his plan was carried out successfully, he wouldn’t turn against her completely.

“So many eyes watched us come in. If we suddenly go separate ways, we’ll make a fool of ourselves. At present, you’d better sit back and wait, or you’ll only get yourself into trouble.” Heather took a step back, but his expression remained unchanged.

Ilsa knew that Heather was making compromises temporarily, and she also realized that her partner didn’t have to be Heather.

But she couldn’t just kick him away at present. Both of them had their own plans.

As for Gloria, she had followed Ernest to the fourth floor.

The fourth floor was spacious with luxurious decorations and floor-to-ceiling windows. They could see clearly what was happening downstairs from here, and even…

Everything downstairs was clearly displayed on the monitor screen.

Seeing more than ten monitor screens, Gloria suddenly had an idea.

“Sir, can you check the video surveillance a few days ago?” Gloria pursed her lips and said to the middle-aged man in Chinese tunics who was clasping his hands behind his back.

Hearing her words, the man turned around.

The man had taken off the mask. Although the years had left traces on him, it didn’t take his temperament and charm away.

The man nodded at her.

She went through the video surveillance a few days ago and found the picture of the private room where she.

Jordy, and Rachel were. There was nothing unusual except the woman who walked into the private room with her face.

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