Secretly The Billionaire Boss

Chapter 402

: Confirmation

Grey squeezed his face harder as he tried to process the information. He wasn't quite getting it at all.

"What does that mean? I don't get it?”

‘The shoe company in Italy, do you remember that you have shares there? That aside, you are one of the directors. The CEO shouldn't have changed without your knowledge. It means something has happened,” Alfred explained.

Grey nodded briefly. ‘That’s right. But how did you know the CEO has changed when you weren't able to get across to the men you sent over there.”

"I just saw it online. I had to seek information about Italy in all ways since I couldn't get across to my men. The shoe company is a big deal. If things are normal, I could tell through the company. Guess what, the inauguration was yesterday and now my men are missing,” he explained further, a little anxious.

Alfred was right, something is definitely wrong. "Who is the new CEO?"

‘That's the weird part. He didn't show his last name but he's Maximo,” he hinted.

Grey reasoned it for a moment. "Something is definitely wrong. No one is contacting me about my shares. Someone eventually took the turn, especially when James used to be the CEO after his father died.”

“Exactly, Hercules. That's why I said something is really wrong. But I think we should wait for the men to come back," he suggested.

Grey nodded once. 'That’s right, we should but if they don't show up again, I will think of something else," he assured.

Alfred released a sigh. "Alright."

"So, I've decided that Jimmy will be given a befitting burial. My existence isn’t supposed to be made known until I say so. And you should get me Jimmy's family as soon as possible."

“Alright, I understand and I will do everything,” Alfred responded.

"Ok then, bye."

Just as he hung up, his phone started ringing again. But this time it was Maria.

"Hello, boss!" Maria yelled, her voice a mixture of all kinds of emotion. Her heart was beating very fast and she couldn't even think properly. She had been trying Grey's number since she heard the news but it wasn't available. She thought Grey was dead too.

"Yes, Maria."

"Oh My!” She was relieved. Grey spoke as though nothing had happened to him. “Are you really alright?"

‘Yes, I am. Though a lot has happened, but I'm currently fine.”

Maria released a sigh. "I thought something bad had happened to you. Your picture is all over the news and I-," she sobbed quietly. "I really thought you were the one,” she explained in between sobs.

Grey smiled softly. "I understand Maria and I'm sorry about it. I'm sorry for making you worry so much. My driver died actually, so I can't say the incident didn’t get me much. But I'm currently fine. I just need to do something and I will get back to you," he uttered.

Maria sucked in a breath. “Alright boss. I will quench the rumours and let everyone know that you are alright.”

"No, don't do that. Only a few people that I trust know that I'm fine. It mustn't leak out, not yet,” he informed her.

Maria hesitated. “Alright but what should I do?"

“I'm dead according to the world for now. It should remain so until I say otherwise. No one in Protos Publicita should know about it as well," he warned thickly.

“Alright, boss but we shouldn't discuss your death in our magazine too, right?"

“Not yet. I will give you a new order soon. Wait for it.”

“Alright boss.”

Grey hung up with a sigh. He walked out into the living room and hesitated when he saw Charles sitting beside Aphrodite and chatting with her.

They were talking about something so funny because Aphrodite laughed out loud, showing a dimple on her right cheek. They were so occupied that they didn't even know that he had joined them.

Grey wondered how it would have been if they were in a relationship. Aphrodite should have ended up with Charles and not him. He doesn't even see himself in any relationship in ten years. Aphrodite was after a lost cause.

Grey cleared his throat suddenly. "Look who we have here,” Grey said and forced them to look at him.

"Please, I really need to speak with Mr. Alfred," Caramel beseeched softly. The tears were slowly dropping out of her eyes and she couldn't even stop it.

She had to confirm the news and Alfred was the only source. It was only Alfred that could tell her if Grey was really dead. If that doesn't happen,

Caramel wouldn't believe it. Though, her heart was breaking in halves already by the rumours.

How could Grey die in such a manner? She might not want to have anything to do with him but she still loved him. So, she wants him to be alive.

"Leave here, Miss. The boss didn’t give the order to let anyone in. If you don't leave at this moment, we will be forced to chase you away,” one of the men warned in a frightening voice to scare her out.

Caramel had called Alfred severally but he ignored them. She didn't know why but she knew that Alfred wouldn’t have any choice but to tell her the truth if she was able to meet him that night.

Yes, it was late in the night and after much scolding and being obstinate that she didn't want to know about Grey's health status, she still found her way in front of Alfred’s house.

"Please, I’m begging you,” she sobbed. "Just let him know. Please!”

Aman walked closer suddenly. “Let her in. The boss said he would meet with her," he announced suddenly, and hope found its way to Caramel's face.

She was allowed entrance and led into the living room where Alfred was, waiting for her.

"Mr. Alfred," she called quickly. "I heard the news, is it-,” she stopped as the words were suddenly stuck in her throat.

Alfred regarded her for a moment. 'Yes, he’s dead. Hercules is dead,” he confirmed.

Caramel eyes went wide with shock. She felt the strength leave her. "What!"

Alfred stood and took a few steps closer to her. ‘You don’t need him, anyways. Your mother will be discharged tomorrow. You should leave

Jacksonville and forget about Grey." "You didn’t want to have anything to do with him anyways,” her inner voice added.

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