She Shocks The Whole World After Retirement

Chapter 87

Currently, there had never been a dual Master who could cultivate both the beast taming ability and the Purifying Spirit power on the Holy Spirit Continent. Therefore, no matter how hard they thought, they did not expect that Yu Huang was a Purifying Spirit Master.

Xuanyuan Sisi also looked at Yu Huang, who was riding on the back of a bird, with a baffled expression. She couldn’t figure out why Yu Huang was able to tame a bird, so she stomped her foot and scolded, “This slut must have used some kind of evil technique!”

Sheng Yang sneered. “Then why don’t you do it too?” With that, Sheng Yang summoned her beast form.

What made people laugh was that the cold and proud petite Sheng Yang’s beast form was actually a plump polar bear. As everyone knew, a polar bear was a strength-type player. It could crush an adult.

The polar bear stood beside Sheng Yang, making her appear even more petite.

The polar bear turned into a ball of white light that wrapped Sheng Yang in the middle. Sheng Yang extended her leg and took a step out of the cliff. Her body actually floated in the air and did not fall.

Seeing this, Xuanyuan Sisi exclaimed, “Sheng Yang, you’ve actually reached the intermediate-stage of the Scholar Realm!” Only a Beast Tamer at the intermediate-stage of the Scholar Realm could use a beast form to fly temporarily.

If she remembered correctly, Sheng Yang only awakened her beast form last spring. It had only been more than a year, and she had already advanced to the intermediate-stage of the Scholar Realm. Could she also be like her elder brother, who broke through to the Master Realm at a young age?

Liuli Shao also praised, “Sheng Yang is so impressive!”

Garo Xianyang said, “As expected of Master Sheng’s biological sister. Her cultivation talent is indeed not something we can compare with.”

Sheng Yang turned around and said to Garo Xianyang and the others, “I’ll take my leave first. You guys follow behind!” With that, Sheng Yang flew towards the energy balls.

Seeing this, the others showed their abilities and took out their flying equipment to wear before boldly jumping into the deep valley.

Because the elves had wings on their backs, they did not need the help of aircraft to fly high in the sky. However, there was a time limit. Generally, after flying for more than ten minutes, they would need to rest for a few hours to recover their energy.

For a moment, the deep valley was filled with densely packed airborne people.

Yu Huang spent an entire day capturing seven to eight light clusters. From the start to the end, she had not found a cultivation technique that she liked. She gradually felt a little impatient. At this moment, thunder sounded from the Time Valley below her.

Yu Huang stared at the Time Valley and sensed the shocking energy fluctuations within it. She thought of a possibility—

The largest energy light blob here had never been the light blobs floating in the deep valley. It was clearly the dark and unfathomable Time Valley!

According to the records, Divine Rank cultivation techniques were the most crafty and easy to disguise. They would disguise themselves and prevent others from discovering them.

Then, could there be a cultivation technique that deliberately disguised itself as terrifying in order to avoid being captured by a Beast Tamer?

What could be more terrifying than the Time Valley?

Yu Huang felt her blood boiling with excitement at her bold guess.

She licked her lips furtively as an adventure plan flashed through her mind.

At this moment, Garo Xianyang suddenly shouted, “Sheng Yang, your spiritual power is about to run out. Go up and rest!”

When she heard this, Yu Huang looked towards Sheng Yang and saw that the white light around Sheng Yang’s body was almost transparent. She guessed that Sheng Yang’s spiritual power was about to be exhausted, so Yu Huang rode her bird and flew towards Sheng Yang.

Realizing that Yu Huang was approaching, Sheng Yang thought that Yu Huang had her eyes on the same cultivation technique as her, and her eyes instantly revealed vigilance. “I took a fancy to this! Miss Yu Huang, are you going to snatch it from me?”

Yu Huang extended her right hand.

Sheng Yang stared at the fair hand in front of her. A hint of confusion appeared on her proud and cold face. “W-what?”

Yu Huang said, “I can carry you while we search for cultivation techniques.”

The confused expression on Sheng Yang’s face instantly turned into suspicion and alarm. “What is your condition?”

She was quite wary.

However, girls should be wary when they were outside.

The corners of Yu Huang’s lips curled up slightly as she said to Sheng Yang, “50,000 spirit stones per session. Are you coming?”

Upon hearing this, Sheng Yang asked subconsciously, “Are you short of money?”

Yu Huang nodded. “Yes.”

Sheng Yang realized that her spiritual power was about to run dry. If she did not go up the cliff to rest, she was afraid that an accident would happen. Sheng Yang stared at Yu Huang for a moment before taking out a money bag from her interspatial ring and throwing it at her.

Yu Huang grabbed the money bag and heard Sheng Yang say, “There are 50,000 spirit stones inside! Check it.”

Yu Huang did not use her divine sense to check the money bag. She directly threw the money bag into the storage device and said to Sheng Yang, “Come up!”

Sheng Yang grabbed Yu Huang’s hand and was pulled onto the back of the bird by Yu Huang.

The two of them flew for a moment in the deep valley. Sheng Yang suddenly stared at a ball of white light and said to Yu Huang, “I sensed a powerful cultivation technique over there!”

Yu Huang glanced at the ball of light.

The ball of light emitted a dazzling steam. It was definitely an extraordinary cultivation technique.

Yu Huang roared, “Sit tight!”

Sheng Yang hurriedly wrapped her arms around Yu Huang’s waist.

The bird swooped down and flew towards the ball of white light. As it got closer, Sheng Yang took advantage of the opportunity and quickly reached out to grab the white light. However, the white light seemed to have intelligence. It immediately sensed Sheng Yang’s grab and quickly escaped into the distance.

Seeing this, Sheng Yang was stunned for a moment before excitement appeared on her face.

“That is a Witch-ranked cultivation method!” The cultivation methods that could produce independent consciousness were only Witch-ranked cultivation methods and Divine-ranked cultivation methods. And those cultivation methods that unconsciously floated in the deep valley were mostly ordinary Mortal- rank cultivation methods.

Sheng Yang desired to possess a demon-level cultivation technique that belonged to her very much. She could not conceal her excitement as she said, “Miss Yu Huang, help me seize the cultivation technique. I’ll give you another 50,000 spirit stones!”

Yu Huang nodded and carried Sheng Yang as she chased after the white ball of light.

The Witch-level cultivation technique was extremely cunning. If she wanted to capture it, she had to be patient. Sheng Yang took out an energy catcher from her interspatial ring and threw it at the ball of light.

The ball of light avoided Sheng Yang’s grasp and fell towards the valley below.

“It’s going to hide in the Time Valley!” Sheng Yang was somewhat regretful. Once that ball of light hid in the Time Valley, they would be unable to capture it.

Yu Huang said, “Hug me tightly. Don’t get thrown into the Time Valley!”

With that said, Yu Huang hugged the flying bird’s neck tightly and dived down.

The ball of light was getting closer and closer to the Time Valley’s vortex. Just as it was about to enter the Time Valley, Sheng Yang threw out the capture device again.

This time, she successfully grabbed the ball of light!

Sheng Yang shouted excitedly, “It worked!” After shouting, she realized that the bird was still charging down.

Sheng Yang’s expression changed drastically, and her face turned pale. She grabbed Yu Huang’s arm tightly and shouted at her with a heart-wrenching voice, “Yu Huang, we’re about to fall into the Time Valley!”

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