Spoiled by Mr. Russell

Chapter 1327

Pouting scornfully, she could hardly wait any longer. "Tasia, come on!” 'Now that the miracle doctor has gotten upset, I've got to find a way to persuade him to come back.’

"Lily, I'm sorry for what happened today," Anastasia apologized as she walked away.

‘No matter what, I came as a guest, but my family member brought over someone Lily dislikes and made a scene. This is our fault.’

"It's fine. Remember to come here often, okay?”

Nodding, Anastasia looked toward her aunt, who was chattering outside, and turned to leave.

Maria was babbling as they entered the car. "Tasia, how could you hang out with that kind of woman? She’s not someone easy to deal with!

"I heard she used to have a boyfriend before marrying Alexander, and she ruined that man’s family. Alexander's uncle also got kicked out of the company and is now suffering in the mountains, thanks to her. And-”

“Aunt Maria, where did you hear about these rumors?" Frowning, Anastasia was upset. 'They’re rather baseless, don't you think?"

Maria disagreed. "Hey, these are not rumors, okay? I’ve learned these from my friends. You know they are well connected and know every gossip in the town. In short, this Mrs. Russell..."

‘They are not well-connected. They are just being who they are- busybodies!" Anastasia said bluntly.

Anastasia knew Maria's rich lady friends loved to gossip, and they were the ones who had been spreading the rumors.

She was also aware that these same people had bad-mouthed her behind her back. Besides, she had tried to find out about Lily before. Tm not an idiot. Of course, I wouldn't befriend her without knowing who she is.’

"Hey, how could you talk to your aunt like this? You've only known that woman for a few days, and she already has a bad influence on you!"

She saw Anastasia holding the shopping bag and tried to grab it. "Let me see what sort of lousy gifts she gave you.”

To her surprise, Anastasia did not let it go. “Aunt Maria! These are my gifts. You shouldn't be doing this!"

"What the hell are you talking about? I'm your aunt and your elder. Can't I check if her gifts are bad for you?" Not giving up, she tried to pull it, but Anastasia was stronger and managed to turn away to shield the bag with her bigger body.

Unable to reach the bag, Maria could only give up and clench her teeth while staring at her, out of breath.

‘Stupid girl! Fat pig! Do you think I'd bother to take care of your business if it weren't for your father?’

When Alexander returned home and heard about what happened, his first response was to ask, “Did she startle our son?”

"He was taking his afternoon nap. The house is well soundproofed, and he wasn’t disturbed."

That was why Lily had not chased Austin and Maria out by force. If anyone were to disturb her son, she would not care who they were.

"Good to hear that." Nodding, he pulled Lily closer and carefully looked her up and down. Seeing that she was unharmed, he let out a sigh of relief." How about you stay out of this?"

He knew Anastasia had been in bad shape for a long time, and Cameron had brought her to many doctors. It was not that he doubted Lily's capabilities, but he knew it was a thankless task.

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