The Divorced Billionaire Heiress Boss

Chapter 2422

Tricky Question

Clayton stroked Nicole's hair, knowing that she was not in a good mood. The two of them just sat on the sofa hugging each other while looking at the scenery outside.

To be honest, Nicole was happy to see Lance. She was glad that he was trying to come out of his grief.

However, when she saw that Lance was so thin like a skeleton, she inexplicably panicked for a moment.

Thus, Nicole suggested having a barbecue party in the evening. She wanted everyone to gather together and be happy. At least, it was better than Lance staying by himself.

For a moment, Nicole could understand the dead stillness in Lance’s eyes.

He had no hope for life, but he still tried his best to live.

However, his lover was no longer by his side. It was even more tragic that Yvette died in front of him.

Thus, even if he acted as if nothing was wrong, it was still indescribably painful to breathe.

In the evening at sunset, it was colder.

The light shone through the thick clouds, forming the Tyndall effect. It was beautiful, soft, and spectacular.

The barbecue grill was ready downstairs.

Clayton and Nicole changed their clothes before they went down slowly.

Chatty was circling Lance because Lance was roasting corn on the cob. The aroma was irresistible.

Lance also changed into casual clothes. However, they were very baggy on him, and it looked like he would be blown away by the wind.

The cold wind from outside blew in, so Kai went over and closed the window.

Although the aroma was strong, it was still within the acceptable range.

Lance was smiling more. Julie was helping on the side.

Seeing Nicole and Clayton coming downstairs, Julie went over to greet them.

'The two deities are finally here! Hurry up and help! Nicole, can you bring me the sauce from the kitchen?”


Nicole tied a low ponytail and rolled up her sleeves. She was much gentler, and her eyes were tender and soft.

She brought the sauce over, so Julie quickly took out part of what Lance grilled earlier, sprinkled seasoning on some, and dipped some in the sauce.

Lance dipped the corn he grilled in ketchup and handed it to Chatty, who had been waiting obediently.

Chatty squinted her eyes happily, said a sweet thank you, and ran to Clayton.

Clayton was sitting on the sofa, peeling some fruit. His fingers were fast as he quickly peeled a fruit.

Chatty sat next to him and held the corn happily.

Clayton smelled good from his bath earlier.

When he smelled the fragrance of the corn, he paused and looked at his daughter with a smile.

"Do you like it?"

Chatty nodded excitedly and handed it to Clayton.

"Daddy, do you want to try?"

Clayton waved his hand. He could not accept the ketchup on it.

"You can have it. Do you want oranges or strawberries?"

He pointed to the orange he had just peeled. The plump flesh whetted one's appetite.

However, the imported strawberries were also very fresh and tempting.

Chatty and Fischer liked strawberries while Nicole liked oranges.

In the end, Chatty still chose strawberries. Clayton wiped the corners of her mouth for her.

Everyone talked and laughed until sundown.

Kai shared the wine with them. Everyone except the children drank some.

Even Lance did not refuse.

As they drank, everyone started to let loose.

Lance was keen on grilling the skewers and kept experimenting with various flavors.

Nicole's praise from time to time made Lance more motivated.

However, most of what Lance grilled was eaten by Kai and Clayton.

That was because the two ladies controlled their diet.

Julie drank a lot and suddenly got up from Kai's shoulder.

"Nicole, how many years have you been married? Don't you feel tired?"

Kai and Clayton fell silent.

Lance pressed on his brow bones to hide his bitterness.

Nicole drank some wine and was looking at the beautiful snow outside.

Hearing this, she turned around and hesitated to answer.

Clayton's heart was pounding nervously, but he still looked as calm as usual.

He subconsciously clenched the wine glass.

Suddenly, Clayton felt that he was a little lax about giving Chatty another sibling.

Clayton should not have listened to Nicole's excuses about raising Chatty properly before they could gain more experience to raise another kid.

As a result, Clayton was uncertain about whether they would have another kid after this.

Kai could not stand the suspense and pinched Julie’s cheek.

"What, are you tired of me?"

He sounded sad.

Julie thought about it. "No, but I’ve been thinking recently about producing post-marriage reality shows. I want to see if there will be any sparks!"

Kai gritted his teeth and uttered.

"Love doesn't have to end in a breakup. It also doesn't mean that living a long and happy life together is boring. Look, who gets divorced when they're happy? Only couples who aren't happy together get divorced. Not to mention, there are more couples who grow old together. This is the reality! Don't get confused!"

Julie frowned and thought about it. "Oh, I guess you're right."

Clayton’s expression eased.

"What Third Brother said makes sense."

The two men looked at each other, reached a tacit understanding, and clinked their glasses>

Lance squinted his eyes and covered them with one hand. It looked like he was asleep.

Nicole quickly forgot about this topic.

They were talking and laughing when Fischer and Chatty became sleepy.

Nicole looked at the drunken adults on the side, so she carried Chatty and coaxed Fischer to go upstairs.

Chatty slept soundly while Fischer went to wash up.

Nicole helped Chatty change into her pajamas and saw Fischer come out.

"Mommy, are you going to sleep here today?"

"Of course not."

"Daddy is angry today."


Nicole paused. "He looks very happy today!"

It had been a long time since she saw Clayton drinking like this.

He would only be like this when he was particularly relaxed.

Fischer curled his lips and shook his head.

"Mommy, Daddy must be upset because he kept on drinking."

Nicole smiled and touched his tender face.

"You're still young, so you don't understand that adults like to drink when they're happy."

Fischer was speechless.

"Go back to sleep!"

Fischer nodded, went over to kiss Chatty's cheek, and went to the next room.

Nicole was speechless and thought, 'Was that too blatant?'

Nicole covered Chatty with a quilt before returning to the bedroom.

The servant made the bed, but Nicole brought her own bedding that she usually used over.

After she returned to the room, she planned to change the bedding and did not bother to call the servant, so she did it herself.

It was a very refreshing, green-colored set.

As soon as she finished changing the bedding, the man behind her suddenly appeared, hugged her from behind, and kissed her lightly.

He smelled of alcohol, but since he had already washed up, his body smelled of a fragrant shower gel.

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