The Ex Husbands Revenge

Chapter 2231

During the night, in a high-end private club, Yonas drove over with a luxury sports car that was worth millions.

When he was with Angus and the others, not only did he fail to get the Sun Pill, he was constantly berated by his grandfather, so he was quite frustrated.

He rushed over to the club by himself to drink his sorrows away and to vent his frustrations.

In one of the private rooms in the club, two imposing-looking young men were discussing something inside.

The two young men were Joel Hiltons and Rodney Spears!

Joel suggested using Yonas to split the Thompsons apart, while Rodney was sent over to help out by the Southern The two of them were discussing how they would deal with Yonas!

"Hey, isn't that Yonas?"

Joel looked down from the window and happened to see Yonas exit the car.

"It really is this! I can't believe he got here just as we were talking about him."

Rodney walked over and saw Yonas through the window as well.

"That's right, it's such a coincidence! I wonder why he's here?" Joel asked curiously.

"If a man's here alone, it's definitely to drink and find some women to have fun with! What else could he be here for?!" Rodney laughed coldly.

"Women? Then this is a good chance!" Joel thought of something.

"What? Did you figure something out?" Rodney asked, looking like he seemed to have understood someone.

"Heroes always fall to beautiful women, it's been the case since ancient times, let alone a playboy like Yonas! Since he wants to vent his frustrations with women, let's make sure there's someone very beautiful for him," Joel smiled darkly, voicing out with thoughts.

Yonas and him were amongst the top young men in the circle, he knew quite a bit about Yonas!

Even though Yonas was not some completely useless heir, he was not all that capable!

Yonas was also incredibly lecherous. He regularly switched up the women by his side. It was the weakness of many men!

So, he might be able to use a woman to deal with Yonas. It might end up being very effective!

"That's a good idea! Joel, go try to get close to Yonas first. Leave the women to me," Rodney praised without holding back. novelebook.comHe added his own amendments as well.

Since the Spears and the Thompsons did not have a good relationship with each other, he could not get close to Yonas that easily. Otherwise, Yonas would be on guard!

So, he was forced to leave dealing with Yonas to Joel!

With Joel acting in front and him moving in the dark, they could make sure everything went smoothly!

"Yes, alright, it's settled!" Joel said with a nod.

In the lounge area, Yonas just walked in when he bumped into Joel.

"Oh, aren't you Mister Thompson? It's been awhile!" Joel smiled. After that, he acted like it was a coincidence they bumped into each other as he walked over toward Yonas.

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