The Greatest Man Alive

Chapter 505

Richard was taken aback when he heard the voice and looked up at the door Then, he saw a familiar woman. She was wearing a black and white suit, her hair was short and refreshing, and she was holding a stack of files.

“Natalie? Why is she here?” Geena was also surprised when she saw Natalie.

“How would I know?” Richard rolled his eyes.

Natalie suddenly showed up and even dared to threaten Brandon.

Everyone was stunned.

Brandon couldn’t help sneering. “Where did this chick come from? How dare you say such things? You’re ridiculous!”

Natalie said indifferently, “I am Natalie Johnson, the president of the Johnson Group.”

Brandon said disdainfully, “The Johnson Group? It’s just a small company. How dare you threaten me? The Sanchez Pharm is much wealthier than you!”

Brandon’s disciples also sneered. Indeed, a small company’s owner was not qualified to threaten Brandon.

Richard looked at Natalie and felt that her temperament had changed a lot. He hadn’t seen her for some time, and she had been nothing like before. She cut her hair, and she seemed more capable and very confident.

“Brandon, just take care of your boxing center if you know nothing but fighting. You shouldn’t meddle in business matters,” Natalie said with a sneer.

“I know you’ve been depressed because of your son’s crimes, but maybe you’ve also ignored many important matters. Many things happened, but you don’t seem to have any idea.”

Brandon’s expression changed immediately. He said, “What do you mean?”

Natalie raised the documents and said calmly, “I have acquired 30% of shares of Sanchez Pharm, and I have become your major shareholder. If you continue to trouble us, you will regret it!”

Hearing at this, Brandon was shocked. Even Roland frowned fiercely at the side. He hadn’t heard any news about what Natalie had said!

“So what if it’s true? Thirty percent of the shares don’t seem to have as much effect as you said!” Brandon’s face was full of disdain.

“Yes, indeed. But what if your relatives are all willing to sell their shares to me?” Natalie asked flatly.

Brandon was taken aback and shouted, “Impossible! How could they help you? Stop talking nonsense!”

Natalie shook her head and said, “Nobody wanted to abandon this great opportunity to make a fortune, and nobody wanted to let you ruin their lives.”

While speaking, Natalie took out a contract and threw it to Brandon.

“Take a look. If you want to intervene in Sanchez Pharm forcibly, your relatives will sell all the shares to me. At that time, I will be the majority shareholder controller of Sanchez Pharm, and I can make you go bankrupt if I want to…” Natalie jeered at Brandon mockingly.

Richard frowned, feeling that this was a bit unbelievable.

How could those members of the Sanchez family be willing to sign such a contract with Natalie and hand over their fate to an outsider?

Brandon looked at the contract and trembled in anger.

He gritted his teeth and said, “Fine! All of you have betrayed me… So f*cking great!”

Natalie’s contract made him so angry that he felt as painful as being stabbed several times in the back

“In that case, I’m qualified to kick you out of Sanchez Pharm now.” Natalie shrugged and smiled. “So, what are you going to do now?”

Brandon’s eyes were gloomy and cold.

He took a deep breath and smirked, “Since you are all thinking of betraying me, let’s all die together! The Sanchez Pharm doesn’t need to exist anymore!”

Brandon exuded a murderous aura. Obviously, he was planning to use violence.

The relatives of the Sanchez family betrayed him and didn’t want to share the same fate with him, so Brandon wanted to ruin everything by himself, including Sanchez Pharm!

“Brandon, nobody in Sanchez Pharm will listen to you ever again, and you can’t interfere with Roland’s management. So, what’s next? Do you want to beat us up? Do you?” Natalie looked at Brandon and asked calmly.

Geena was a little surprised.

Brandon brought so many people here, but Natalie could stay calm in the face of danger and even suppressed Brandon.

She was a little surprised by what Natalie had become. Natalie’s temperament and charm had indeed improved a lot.

“Smash everything!“ Brandon roared and ordered his disciples.

Richard couldn’t help sighing. As expected, Brandon had gone mad and planned to get revenge through violence. However, if Brandon really wanted to smash the factory, there was nothing Richard could do. Richard couldn’t stop so many people just by himself.

Natalie jeered and said lightly, “So you chose violence. You can go to jail to accompany your son now.”

As she said so, a helicopter was approaching. When it flew above them, the strong current blew everyone’s hair and clothes.

A person suddenly jumped out of the helicopter and fell to the ground in a flash. The height was about six meters, but the person seemed as calm as walking downstairs.

The person landed and squatted slightly to buffer. Then, she stood still steadily.

Richard grinned and said, “No wonder she’s a Lieutenant General… The way she shows up is so unique! ”

The woman was tall and slender. She was wearing a black military uniform with two Dragonstars shining on her shoulder. It was Jade.

“Stop!” Jade shouted immediately after she showed up.

Those disciples were about to attack but were all dumbfounded after hearing Jade’s voice.

A person’s fame and popularity were too important. Almost everyone in Hechland had heard of Jade Perkins.

For these disciples, this honorable Goddess of War was even more admirable than Brandon’s.

When Brandon saw Jade, his eyelids twitched violently. He never thought that such a big shot would show up.

Brandon roared angrily. “What are you waiting for? Smash everything! How dare you ignore my order!”

However, Jade glanced at the crowd indifferently and said, “Whoever crosses this line will be against me! If you are against me, you will die!”

As soon as these words came out, the restless crowd immediately calmed down.

Richard smiled at Geena. “It seemed that reputation is really important… She alone can control so many people.”

Geena also nodded.

Jade was very influential, so no one dared to ignore her attitude. She couldn’t help but glance at Natalie.

Could it be that Natalie has invited Jade?

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