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The Luna Choosing Game

The Luna Choosing Game

The Luna Choosing Game

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Artist: Nicholas and Luna

Genre: WereWolf

Piper's life is a struggle as a single mother working long hours at a restaurant to make ends meet, especially with her daughter, Elva, battling werewolf pneumonia. The challenges intensify when her boss harasses her and threatens her job, taking advantage of her vulnerable situation. Piper's exhaustion and worry about her daughter's medical bills weigh heavily on her, making it difficult to resist her boss's inappropriate advances.

Piper's friend, Anna, provides support and questions why Piper puts up with such mistreatment. Their conversation turns to Piper's sacrifices, her troubled past with her ex-boyfriend Nicholas, and the Luna Selection, a significant event where potential brides are chosen for the princes. Despite Anna's encouragement, Piper feels the weight of her wolf-less status and the social class difference that separates her from Nicholas.

The story takes a surprising turn when Piper sees Nicholas on the news, revealed as one of the princes in the Luna Selection. The revelation adds a new layer of complexity to Piper's already challenging life, as she grapples with the past and the unexpected connection to the royal family...

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