The Supreme Harvey York

Chapter 3866

“You want both my arms?!

After seeing Trey Bierstadt kneeling on the ground and hearing Harvey York’s demands, the fear in Jace Lee’s heart was replaced by fury.

“I don’t care what identity you have, but you should know I’m no small fry either!

“I’m the third young master of the Lee family! We’re also allies with the Moreno family!

“If you hurt me, you’ll get a lot of strong enemies waiting to take bites out of you!

“I’ll remember you forever!

“I can’t do anything to you for now, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen later!

“If I can’t touch you this year, I’ll still have many years after that!

“You’ll be in deep trouble if you break my arms now!”

Jace desperately tried to warn Harvey while gritting his teeth. He wanted to show that Harvey’s title as the governor of the South Sea Martial Arts Alliance was only effective against people of the same organization and not the family.

After exposing that fact, the outsider would not be able to endure the frenzied attacks in the South Sea

The Lee family was one of the great families of the South Sea!

“Jace!” exclaimed Trey instinctively.

“Shut up! You’re nothing but filth!

Trey was cut off instantly by Jace’s cruel words.

“I spent millions of dollars taking care of you so that you can stand up for me when I get in trouble.

“And then what happened?! All you did was kneel and get slapped in the face!

“What’s the point of me even taking care of you at this point?!

“Why do I have to act all respectful in front of you?!

“You’re not even worthy!”

Naturally, in Jace’s eyes, even if Trey was scared of Harvey’s identity, he should have fought back instead of letting Harvey slap him around like that.

This was just embarrassing!

Jace’s reputation in Blackburn City would be completely ruined!

“I did go against your friend and you this time, Harvey..

“But you slapped me and that filth, Trey, around too!

“We’ll just bury the hatchet right here then!

“I’ll even pay a hundred and fifty thousand dollars as a mental loss fee!

Jace then took a deep breath before he glared at Harvey.

“We’ll go our separate ways!

“How does that sound?”.

Naturally, Jace believed that he was already paying enough respect for lowering himself this much while also compensating with money.

He believed that people like Harvey should have just obliged.

After all, it would be bad if Harvey decided to go against a local powerhouse like him.

Harvey calmly smiled.

“You’re telling me just to let it go?

“Is that what you’re saying?”


Jace tilted his head to the side.

“I already apologized! What else do you want?!

“Don’t you dare cross the line, Harvey! This’ll benefit no one!

“You’ll have a hard time in the South Sea if you’re still coming at me!”

“Are you threatening me?

“If that’s the case, then I’ll also have the rest of your limbs.

“Start the countdown, Julian York.”

Julian let out a cold chuckle.

“Ten, nine, eight…” exclaimed Julian coldly.

“You b*stard!

Jace screamed with a grimace twisted by rage and fear.

“You won’t f*cking cripple me!

“You f*cking won’t!”

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