To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 1255

Have You Agreed?

Melanie was straightforward.She said whatever she wanted.

Even before Paul, she didn't have any intentions to lie or pretend.She didn't care what sort of person Paul was.It was enough that she liked him.

Paul said nothing, merely snatching his glass back.

"Unfortunately, I don't like you back."

"Why not? Is it because I'm not as pretty as Stephanie? Or is it because you think I'm no match for her?"

Melanie couldn't understand why Paul still hadn't let go even though Stephanie and Leonard were already together.He had no hope at all.

Wasn't he tired? Paul kept on drinking, sweeping his gaze over Stephanie and Leonard.

Stephanie was leaning against his shoulder.

Although Paul had verbally let her go, he couldn't help feeling an ache in his heart when he saw her.

Melanie noticed his gaze and waved her hands in front of him.

"Stop looking.She won't be yours no matter how long you look."

That was exceptionally cruel.

Paul looked at her angrily.

"What I said is true, Paul.I like you very much and want you to move on.Isn't finding a new girlfriend the best way to forget someone? I think you need someone new right now."

Melanie didn't want to miss a single chance to be with Paul.

If it weren't for Alec's proposal, she might not even have been able to meet Paul today.

If she didn't tell him everything she wanted to say, there was no telling when they would meet again.

Truth be told, this was the first time that Paul encountered a woman like her.

He didn't quite know how to respond.

Usually, he would just ignore her and leave, as long as she no longer saw him again.

But now, he was here for Alec and couldn't very well leave.

He looked at her, irritated.

"I don't need anyone new.Don't waste your time on me."

"You're not even giving it a shot.How would you know that you don't need one? Are you planning to hold on to Stephanie forever?"

Melanie was a little sarcastic.

"If that's what you plan on doing, then it's my fault for falling for the wrong guy.I don't want to be with someone who refuses to move on."

"Reverse psychology doesn't work on me,"

Paul huffed.

He couldn't care less about what Melanie said.

She pouted, continuing, "Just give me a chance, Paul.Stephanie has already moved on.What's the use of holding on to the past?"

"Do you really want to be with me that badly? And would it really be alright with you if I didn't love you?"

Melanie's words had somewhat touched Paul.

It was true.

Stephanie had already moved on.

Holding on to the past was a huge turn-off.

He was Paul Wagner.

He was supposed to be a badass! Melanie saw her chance and nodded quickly.


I want to be with you, even if you don't love me right now."

Even if he didn't love her now, that didn't mean he wouldn't love her in the future.

Melanie was confident that as long as Paul gave her a chance, he would fall in love with her.

She wasn't inferior.

There was no reason for him not to fall in love.

Paul cleared his glass once more and looked at Stephanie through the peripherals of his vision.

Perhaps of her incitement, he nodded.

"Have you agreed?"

Melanie couldn't believe it.

"Yes.But I don't love you.You should know that very well."

Paul was afraid of trouble, so he felt that this had to be made clear from the get-go.

Melanie didn't care about that at all.

"So that means you're my boyfriend now, aren't you?"

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