We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 838

Chapter 837

All of a sudden, Rachel's appetite returned. I'm going to eat three servings of everything!

Elisa merely remained silent beside her.

Though she didn't want to see Gareth, she didn't want her to worry her friend.

Hence, she accepted Rachel's invitation and walked down with her.

She knew that she had to eat something for a quicker recovery.

I'll ignore the men downstairs.

After washing their hands, she sat at the dining table, along with Gareth and Rachel, who was speechless when she saw Vincent taking the cutlery.

"Are you a pig? You've eaten so many meals in a day. Even pigs eat less than you!"

Vincent's face darkened. She's the death of me! One of these days, I'm going to get back at her!

Considering that he lost the bet, he couldn't antagonize her any further as he had to bring her back later that night.

He took a deep breath to control his emotions.

Since Elisa was already at the table, she ate until she was full without reservations.

The cook had quite good culinary skills.

As Rachel was already hungry, she ignored Vincent, not wanting to quarrel during meal times.

Since Vincent didn't retaliate just now, it was also time for her to take a step back.

More importantly, she wanted to enjoy the delicious food.

After getting her belly filled, her mood had taken a turn for the better. "The food is amazing! I wonder where you order it from."

Vincent arched an eyebrow. "Do you want more?"

He had finally calmed down.

The corner of Rachel's lips twitched. I already made myself clear. Can't he tell?

She remained quiet.

"If you like it, you can also eat this in the evening. Or anytime, really. I can make her cook for you anytime time, any dish you like."


Food of this quality can only be made by a head chef of a large-scale restaurant, who handles many dishes daily. Judging from Vincent's tone, this is a chef hired by him.

Suddenly, Rachel lost interest in the food. Though she liked it a lot, Elisa made better food.

"That's right. Anytime you like," Vincent replied seriously, thinking he stood a chance with her.

However, Rachel gave a perfunctory smile. "That's fine. I think Elisa cooks better than this chef."

Damn this woman! Vincent thought.

Silence resumed again when everyone had finished eating.

Neither Vincent nor Gareth was hungry, while Elisa and Rachel couldn't eat a lot.

Seeing how everyone remained at the dining table, Elisa couldn't help it anymore and stood up.

At that moment, the chef entered the dining room to clean the table.

Rachel was shocked to see her. "Oh! Is that how it is?"

Vincent smiled. "That's why I said she can cook for you anytime."

Rachel smiled back. "Thanks, but no thanks."

Gareth glanced at Vincent indifferently. Though he didn't utter a word, his intention was clear – he wanted Vincent to bring Rachel away.

Where did Gareth's wit go? Rachel won't leave since Elisa will have her bandages changed later.

Vincent sat quietly. Though I promised to bring Rachel back, I didn't specify what time it would be. If I forcefully bring her away now, she might be upset. I couldn't risk that.

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