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Stop It She's Remarrying

Stop It She's Remarrying

Stop It She's Remarrying

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Fia Lawson excitedly greeted her husband, Conrad Maxwell, as he arrived home. They have been married for three years, and Fia always saw him off to work and greeted him upon his return without fail. However, Conrad couldn't help but feel a little sad, realizing that he would soon have to put an end to these moments.

As they settled on the sofa, Conrad gathered the courage to tell Fia something important. He revealed that their marriage was forced upon them due to family pressure, and he understood that Fia had always hoped to marry for love. He now wanted to set her free to find the person she truly loved, as his childhood friend Esme had returned, and he wanted to be with her instead.

Fia was taken aback and couldn't hold back her tears. She had loved Conrad for a long time, even though he didn't love her back in the same way. Despite this, she cherished the time they spent together and even drank a medicinal concoction for two years to try and conceive a child with him. However, she accepted his decision to divorce and put on a brave front, agreeing to his proposal.

Fia tried to hide her feelings and put on a smile, knowing that she would have to return to hiding her love for him, just like she did before they were married. Conrad saw her pain but proceeded with the divorce plan.

As they went to the doctor's, Fia avoided looking at Conrad, afraid that she would break down and beg him to stay. She knew she had to let him go, even though it hurt deeply.

The story explores the complexities of love, sacrifice, and acceptance in a marriage that was not based on love from the beginning. Fia had always loved Conrad, hoping he would love her in return, but ultimately, she accepts the reality and decides to let him go to pursue his love with Esme....

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